Comparing Sex Dolls And Girlfriends: Which Is Better?

Why are sex dolls so appealing for men? Investing in either a sex doll or a girlfriend can be easy for some, but it is subjective. Different experiences, different reasons. But for someone who is sexually open to their partner, they can have both. For some, they can wait, so they choose sex dolls. And for others, they like to preserve it for their partners. Also, there are people finding sexual satisfaction with random video sex chat.Where will you fit in the debate? Let us look at the standards and how each applies to both.

  • Safe sex

As long as you consistently clean your sex doll every after use, then you are good to go. Your partner might not always be around you, and if you guys are in an open relationship, they might bring something harmful back to your sheets. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are mainstream among couples who have an active sex life but do not check for them.

On the flipside, since a sex doll that you bought will be used by no one but yourself, you can already feel the relief that you will not get any STDs or illness brought about by bacteria during sexual intercourse, while you get your sexual desires satisfied. In this sex doll vs. girlfriend comparative, the former wins in terms of safety.

  • Emotional attachment

You do not easily get sex out of your girlfriend because she has her valid needs as well. You need to take her out on dates, carry on and treat her despite her mood swings, and check if she is in the mood to have sex with you. Your attention and life needs to be poured into your girlfriend, or else you will not get anything from her.

This instance is where sex dolls edge over again. If you are someone who wants to pass off the night with sex only, then a sex doll can be your go-to partner. You can store it and ignore it until you want to do it again. The only care she is getting is that you clean her, which is also a benefit for you.

  • Flexibility

This sex doll vs. girlfriend feud will end by giving it to the sex doll again for flexibility. Literally, you can try different sex positions with your doll and you will not hear it complaining. It can also provide different ranges of motions and sexual stunts to level up your steamy sex around home.